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Watch this video and consider the following:

  • What stood out to you about the video?
  • How does this relate to our discussion over the past 2 days about different economics – Markets (Smith), Central Planning (Marx), and Mixed Economies?


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  1. View the following site – 40 maps that explain the world.
  2. Choose 3 different maps that you find particularly interesting and relevant to the study of economics and write about them. Why do they interest you? How do they relate to economic concepts like scarcity and the use of resources, etc.

Personal Finance:

  1. Read the attached article – Brueggemann_The Liturgy of Abundance
  2. Write 2 paragraphs reflecting on the following
    1. Contrast a spirit of scarcity with a spirit of abundance. How does each mindset influence our attitudes and lifestyle?
    2. Identify 2 different quotes from the text that you found significant to reflect on. What do you think about them?
    3. Do you find yourself experiencing an attitude of abundance or scarcity? How?

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IFS Personal Finance Assignment (for 8/20)

  1. Read What is Stewardship? By Bedru Hussein (Leader in the Ethiopian Mennonite Church)
  2. Write a 300 word response to the following questions:
  • In your own words, articulate what Hussein means by the concept of “stewardship.” What does this mean? Support with at least one of his references to scripture.
  • How does Hussein’s understanding of stewardship compare with your approach toward finances?
  • How would you describe your philosophy/theology toward finances and resources?

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5/8 Psych Class Links

We will do several things today, proceed in the following order.

  1. The following links to a “social intelligence” test, where you are asked to identify emotions by looking only at a person’s eyes.
  2. Read this article by Nicholas Kristof, Our Biased Brains.
  3. Read this related article, which recently appeared in The Pennsylvania Gazette, the University of Pennsylvania’s Alumni Magazine. Hilal Isler_Fear, Loathing, and Denial