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This is an article analyzing the developmental distinctions of the Millennial Generation (born from 1980-2000).  This is taken from a TIME feature and is a bit longer, but worth the read (click on link below access as PDF file).  Consider…

  1. What is contributing to Millennials’ narcissism (self-absorption, self-centeredness)?
  2. What is the unintended consequence of focusing on high self-esteem? How has society confused the causes and effects of positive self-esteem? What message/emphasis would be a better model?
  3. According to Stein, what are some of the strengths of Millennials?
  4. You are a “Millennial” (so am I). How do you react to this article? What observations do you find real and/or insightful? Is there anything you challenge or contest?

Millennials; Joel Stein


View this TED talk about whether droids (machines/robots) are taking jobs.  Consider…

  • How is technology changing the labor market?
  • Is this presenter optimistic or pessimistic? Why?
  • Are you optimistic or pessimistic about what technology is doing to labor markets? Why?
  • How does this inform the way you think about your vocational aspirations?


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