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10. Olympic Development

The Olympics are lots of fun, but require an enormous amount of preparation and construction.  This is a photo gallery of the years of construction that it took for Sochi to prepare for the winter games.  Summarize what you find interesting.  In your opinion, what are the economic pros/cons of hosting the Olympics?  Is hosting an economic boost or burden for the country?  The second link is just a fun photo gallery from the Sochi games.


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9. The Great California Water Saga

This is a story of demand for the world’s most vital resource: fresh water.  This is what the issue looks like in California.  Admittedly, this is very long.  I do not expect you to read it entirely, but read as much as you can and consider the following:

  • What is the problem in California?
  • What is being done to address it?
  • How is California reflective of global water supply issues?

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8. The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence

Google’s self-driving car and Nest’s “smart” thermostat are just two examples of how artificial intelligence is changing the world.  These writers say we are only scraping the surface, and that AI, in conjunction with unprecedented global interconnectivity, will change the world in positive ways.  Consider…

  • How might AI impact how we live/work?
  • Are the changes positive or negative?
  • Historically people have only been connected to small groups who share their physical space, culture, and language.  How will a digital network that connects the whole world (and eliminates language barriers) change the way we live/work?

The Dawn of the Age of Artificial Intelligence


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7. Google Automonous Car

Last year Google’s autonomous car (self-driving) completed 300,000 miles.  The car’s only collision was being rear-ended by a human-driven car.  Watch the video of it in action and read the corresponding article.  Consider:

  • How might this impact society, economies, and the workforce?