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39. Minimum Wage

Minimum wage has not kept pace with the rate of inflation (meaning that in real numbers, the rate has declined) and working full-time at the minimum wage places individuals and families well beneath the poverty line.  But ending wealth inequality is not as simple as raising the rate…


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38. Farming and Fertilizer

This brilliant article (written by my uncle!) paints a sharp picture of the modern food dilemma: producing enough food for 7 billion (and rising) people while preserving the planet.  It is long, but very good.

Questions to consider:

  • What is the argument for fertilizer?
  • What is the argument against fertilizer?
  • Is there an effective compromise?

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37. To do during class Monday, 12/9/13

I am gone today.  Here are a host of interesting links for you to read/view.  Explore what is interesting to you and write 2-3 paragraphs of your thoughts for tomorrow…


Nelson Mandela Photo Gallery:

Poverty and Decision Making:

Millennial Spending:

College Costs: