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36. Big Data and the Workforce

The amount of numerical data and algorithms that determine how data should be interpreted is ever-increasing.  This data is beginning to be used in identifying the effectiveness of workers.  It could revolutionize the way merit is identified and how businesses make decisions about their workers.

Admittedly, this is a long article, but, in my humble opinion, it is one of the best I have posted in awhile.  If you can’t read it in it’s entirety, make sure you catch the part near the end about Gild and human analytics based on algorithms.


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35. Nuclear Fusion Energy

Nuclear fission splits atoms and creates nuclear waste.  Nuclear fusion combines atoms with no nuclear waste and little danger.  It could be the energy source of the future… if they can make it.

Target alignment at NIF

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32. Online Mapmaking in Philippines

A huge volunteer campaign to edit a Wikipedia-like site for maps has helped relief workers in the Philippines.  Read the article and then check out the OpenStreetMap site, it’s like Google Maps but can be user-edited like Wikipedia- pretty cool.

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31. Employer Wellness Plans

Lots of employers are instituting wellness plans to encourage their employees to improve their health.  Some plans include financial incentives and/or punishments based on employee health.  There have been mixed reviews…

  • Is it a good idea for employers to encourage health through financial incentives? Why? (What is the opposing argument?)