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21. 10 Surprising Economic Trends

This very interesting list summarizes 10 economic trends that contradict commonly held beliefs about what is happening in the world.  Despite many discouraging forecasts, most of these are surprisingly optimistic!

Read all of them, but choose three (3) that you find most interesting to reflect on in your response.  Why do they interest/surprise you? What implications do they have for the future?



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20. An Immigrant’s Journey

This photo gallery documents the journey of different immigrants.  Be sure to read the captions in addition to viewing the pictures.  In your response…

  1. Reflect on several stories that you found interesting
  2. Why do people migrate?
  3. What does Jesus say about caring for the alien?

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16. The Case Against High-School Sports

The United States routinely spends more tax dollars per high-school athlete than per high-school math student—unlike most countries worldwide.  This very interesting article evaluates America’s obsession with sports, and what is at stake because of it.

In your summary consider…

  • What are the costs of school athletics as they currently exist?  Think of costs in expansive, economic terms (financial costs + opportunity costs).

In your response…

  • Argue a position.  Do you think the current status of sports in American schools is a positive or negative thing?  What type of system would you propose?