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7. Self-Driving Cars

Last year Google’s autonomous car (self-driving) completed 300,000 miles.  The car’s only collision was being rear-ended by a human-driven car.  Watch the video of it in action and read the corresponding article.


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6. 50 Years Later…

Today is the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and MLK’s Dream Speech.  Read this reflection by a seasoned white journalist of his experience at the March…

Guiding Question for your response: Has “the dream” been realized? Expound.

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4. Detriot Bankruptcy

A big piece of economic news this summer was the city of Detroit filing bankruptcy.  Detroit’s issues are unique in scale, but are shared by many cities and governments throughout the country.  The first link is a news article from July, the second is a Wikipedia page for you to explore more information.  A few questions to guide your response…

  1. How did Detroit come to this point?
  2. What exactly is bankruptcy?
  3. What will happen now?

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3. Racial Population Map

This is an amazing population map of the US.  Every person in the country is represented by a colored dot, each color represents a race (see race color key).  Zoom in on the map to observe the demographics of metropolitan areas, including Lancaster.  Use to help you identify what region you are observing.  You don’t need to summarize the site, but make observations of at least 3 different cities, including Lancaster City/County, in your response.